Off-Duty Police from the Chicago PD Are Your Ideal Source for Security Guards in Chicago

When it comes to high quality security guards in Chicago, you don't have to worry about a lack in quality. We specialize in the positioning of large and small groups of off-duty law enforcement officers. Our more than 90 years of experience allows us access to some of Chicago's finest law enforcement professionals.

Just imagine the difference in training. Would you rather have a trained police officer guard your valuables, or just another mall cop? Better yet, think about the integrity you are investing in. Do you want someone who cares about the safety of our fine city, or someone who is just looking for a paycheck?

For us, the answer is simple, and that's why we only bring on the best off-duty police in Chicago. Let Intellex Security provide you with the personnel that are trained and experienced to handle your interests in a professional and confidential manner.

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