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At Intellex Security Inc., we provide our clients with a variety of event and property security services. You may be planning a special event or simply want to secure your retail store or hotel. Whatever the case, we have the experience to put in place a security plan that you can count on.

As you weigh your security options, be sure to check out our service pages for more in-depth information:
Security guards offer protection for valuable objects and important people. In addition, armed or unarmed guards send a clear message to those who might disrupt your operation in Chicago, IL.

Once you hire our professional security guards, you can stop worrying and start focusing on other important things related to your event or journey.
Public places offer all too many hiding spots for criminals and other unwelcome guests. For your event or building, Intellex Security offers a way to keep things under your control.

We understand that conventions demand increased vigilance with a greater crowd volume. No matter where your event is held, our trained security teams can guarantee a safe and simple operation.
If you work in retail, you understand how vital your products are to drawing a profit. But if people shoplift or damage your products, their actions hurt your bottom line in more ways than one.

Avoid messy encounters and unfortunate mishaps with the placement of our capable retail security guards. We’ll keep your business intact with sharp surveillance.
Off-duty officers provide the perfect balance for inconspicuous, but experienced, security. Intellex Security offers off-duty police as a security solution to create a security force with integrity and ample knowledge of the local area.
With our range of services, you'll easily find a sure-fire security solution.

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